When Ryleigh Wright finds herself unlucky in love for what seems like the millionth time, she decides she's done trying to nurse her broken heart back to good health and concludes that love just isn't in the cards for her. An extremely handsome man enters her life and challenges her to see beyond her pain and get her to realize that maybe she's given up on love too soon. Ryleigh begins to second guess everything she's forced herself to believe...including the fact that the deeper he goes inside her, the harder it'll be to make a sound decision where her heart is concerned...

Kingston "King" Lyons knew from the moment he laid eyes on Ryleigh that he wanted her with an urgency he'd never felt before. He has an indescribable hunger to wrap his arms around Ryleigh and slide into her deeply. The pleasure would leave her speechless, and Kingston sets out to do just that. Unfortunately, being in her presence is just as addictive, and it's all he can think of and all he wants. But before he has a chance to spill his heart, mayhem is suddenly unleashed. Actions are called into question, and regret suddenly looms overhead, leaving behind doubt deep enough to drown in and scars painful enough to never heal.

Say He'll Go Deeper

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