With yet another relationship bust under her belt, Esha Oliver decides that anything resembling or requiring her to give love even another glance was completely out of the question. At least, that's what she's convinced herself to believe until she crosses paths with a man who unexpectedly turns her life upside down in the most profound and sexually liberating way. The all-consuming queen treatment and sexually tempting experiences unknowingly force Esha to take a long look at her decision to shun her heart's one true desire. 
After second guessing herself at every turn, she ultimately discovers that a man of Domino's caliber, who can make her clutch the sheets and moan his name, no matter the positions she finds herself in, just might be worth altering her newfound belief system and fighting for love one last time.
After his divorce left him a broken man who no longer cares to entertain any more serious entanglements, Domino Cole isn't willing to rush into offering his heart so freely, fearing another blow would destroy him. He soon begins to question whether his own boundaries need to be reexamined upon crossing paths with a woman who challenges everything he swore he was done with. 
By the time he's realized that Esha just might be the one to unconsciously heal all the broken parts of him, a secret so big is exposed that it nearly destroys him and leaves him left wondering if he even deserves to love again. Will Domino be able to come back from the unexpected blow? Will he be able to forgive himself for a pain he knew nothing of before Esha walks away – leaving him with blood dripping from his heart as it's being ripped from his soul?

Clutch and Moan

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