"I love that my books not only entertain but create a dialogue for women to  talk openly to each other about sex, love, and relationships."

Detroit Born and raised India Tasheena Norfleet became an avid reader at a young age and eventually was never seen without a book. While India began reading a wide array of books of many different genres, it was during the late nineties that India was introduced to African American fiction and fell completely in love with stories from the African American perspective. Romance very quickly became her favorite genre. By the time she entered high school, India had no other dream bigger than becoming a bestselling romance author and poet. 


As years progressed to adulthood, dreams of becoming a writer fell by the wayside as doubt consumed her and the real world set in, but writing romance never left her heart. Family and friends, as well as some of her favorite authors, continued to encourage her to never give up on something she was so passionate about. So in the summer of 2010, India finally sat down to pen what would become her first novel, Playing For Keeps. India has fourteen books to date. Some of the author's best-selling titles include, He Gives Me Fever, Playing For Keeps, Scared of Loving You, My Bad Habit, Taste Us Together and Addicted To His Stroke. India loves to read, shop, and travel in her spare time. 

India is CEO of Erotic Servings Publishing and currently signed to B. Love Publications. India resides in suburban Michigan with her husband and two children. Feel free to connect with her anytime!


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